Mumbai: Citizens Form A Support Group To Save Whales And Other Marine Life

October 29, 2017, Gitanjali Chandrasekharan

Marine enthusiasts in Mumbai form First Responders group that will head to the stranding spot to enable scientific study and help save whales from being hunted

Last Monday, when a 40-foot-long carcass of a Bryde’s Whale washed up ashore in Colaba, a call was placed to a group of marine activists who were, coincidentally, at that moment, sitting in a meeting in Bandra discussing how to respond to strandings of turtles. It was also the day that the group of around 40 volunteers – which includes independent researchers, marine life enthusiasts, officials from the mangrove cell of the forest department, and volunteers from various NGOs – decided to extend their reach from turtles to all marine life that are, increasingly seen stranded along the state’s coastline.

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